Memory Garden

The Memory Garden began in 1994 when we accepted the ashes of Daisy Griffiths at the request of her family. At that time a committee was formed. We visited other memory gardens in our area and researched the laws regarding sprinkling or burying of ashes. We asked Paul Kellhammer to design the Garden, a design which continues to this day. Ken Bramble made the book stand, so that we had a beautiful and functional place to keep the Memory Book in which the names of those in the Garden are recorded.


Erindale’s Memory Garden is an important and unique part of Erindale’s grounds.  It has been designated as a place where we scatter the ashes of loved ones, and it continues to give family members comfort.  It has also become a place of quiet contemplation, a little pocket of peace in the midst of busy Mississauga.

Feel free to visit and enjoy its beauty whenever you wish!